Creasing Matrix

TC-1100C Automatic Window Patching

TC-1100AB Automatic Window Patching

STC-880 Window Patching Machine

A fully automatic strapping machine is used for the final procedure of packaging to strap cartons with packing belts and prevent them from scattering during transportation. The automatic strapping machine is featured by aesthetic, fastness, rapidness and high efficiency in strapping cartons, which remarkably improves working efficiency, reduces wastes and saves costs to the maximum extent.

K120 Automatic Binding Machine

K100 Automatic Binding Machine


Cam Follower CF-20-1 Code 110

Cam Follower CF-16 Code 111

Cam Follower 20UU Code 112

Cam Follower 18x40x69.5mm Code 121

Chemical Bottle Code 246


Anti Marking Sand Paper


Delivery paper Stopper Code 257

Delivery Paper Stopper Code 256

Delivery Paper Stopper Code 255


24V Dc Fan Code 41


Y-Brush Code 4

Three Step Brush Code 7

Feeder Runner Code 108

Feeder In Paper Runner Code 103

Feeder Pedel Blower Code 266

Feeder Pedel Blower Code 265

Feeder Pedal Blower Code 267

Feeder Pedal Blower Code 106

Feeder Runner Complete Set Code 275

Feeder Runner Complete Set Code 274

Feeder Runner Complete Set Code 273

Feeder Runner Complete Set Code 272

Steel Air Filter (H)195x(OD)70x(ID)28mm Code 61

Steel Air Filter (H)155x(OD)60x(ID)30mm Code 63

Steel Air Filter (H)132x(OD)79x(ID)40mm Code 44

Roland 700 Steel Air Filter Code 60

Roland Flat Sheet Separator Code 93

Roland Flat Sheet Separator Code 92

IMG_2739Flat Sheet Separator Code 98

Flat Sheet Separator Code 99

Komori Sucker Code 203

Komori Pick-Up Sucker Code 204

Forwarding Sucker Code 270

Forwarding Sucker Code 201

Gas spring 275mm Code 252

Gas Spring 390mm Code 144

Gas Spring 385mm Code 143

Gas Spring 380mm Code 151

Mitsubishi 3F Blanket Worm Gear Code 136

Mitsubishi 3000 Blanket Worm Gear Code 137

Komori 40 Gear With Copper Code 156

Komori 38 Gear With Copper Code 155

Mitsubishi Delivery Gripper Pad (Rubber) Code 236

Mitsubishi Delivery Gripper Code 232

Die Cut Machine Gripper

Cylinder Gripper

Mitsubishi Hickey Picker L-Shape Code 1

Komori Hickey Picker Remover Code 109

Komori Hickey Picker Code 39B

Komori Hickey Picker Code 39A

Mitsubishi Ink Key Motor Code 253

Mitsubishi Ink Key Motor Code 230

Komori Ink Key Motor


Plastic Ink Knife(4pcs) Code 75

Paper Wedge Code 85


Komori Front Lay Spring Guide Code 268


Komori Impression Absorber Code 269


Lock Screw With Handle M8x40mm Code 91F

Lock Screw With Handle M6x35mm Code 91E

Lock Screw With Handle M5x40mm Code 91D

Lock Screw With Handle M12x50mm Code 91A

Magnifying Glass-10x Code 107


Mitsubishi Gripper Cam Code 140


Paper Smoother Code 25

Paper Smoother Code 24

Paper Smoother Code 23

Paper Smoother Code 22

Mitsubishi Pneumatic cylinder Code 32

Mitsubishi Pneumatic cylinder Code 31

Mitsubishi Pneumatic cylinder Code 30

Mitsubishi Pneumatic cylinder Code 29

90mm Spray Powder Unit Container Code 80

142mm Spray Powder Unit Container Code 78

132mm Spray Powder Unit Container Code 79


Pressure Gas Code 104

Paper Thickness Gauge Code 244

Paper Thickness Gauge Code 242

Paper Thickness Digital Gauge Code 243

Pile Motor Disc Brake Spocket Code 127

Pile Motor Disc Brake Cover Code 124

Pile Motor Disc Brake Code 126

Pile Motor Disc Brake Code 125B

Diaphragm Pump


Sheet Smoother Code 285

Sheet Smoother Code 284

Sheet Smoother Code 283

Sheet Smoother Code 281

Mitsubishi Cylinder Sponge Code 3

Komori Cylinder Sponge Code 2

Cellulose Sponge Code 76


Suction Cup Code 220

Suction Cup Code 219

Suction Cup Code 218

Suction Cup Code 65

Opening Tools Code 139

Hook Roll Tools Code 141


Universal Joint Code 249

Universal Joint Code 248


komori 780mm Wash-Up Blade Code 132

Mitsubishi 1095mm Wash-Up Blade Code 128

Komori 779mm Wash-Up Blade Code 131

Komori 725mm Wash-Up Blade Code 130

DFQ-650X Foil Cutting Machine

DFQ-650C Foil Cutting Machine


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